Professional IT Solutions For Businesses in Central Victoria

Revolve IT provides you with simple, secure, cloud first IT solutions.


With an emphasis on cloud computing we can provide highly scalable and flexible IT solutions that work for you - wherever that might be. We understand you just want your tech to work! We bridge the gap by understanding what your business needs to succeed and help you achieve those goals with the use of a range of technologies to keep your business running and secure.  


  • Serverless Environments

    Sick of the cycle of server refresh and capital expense? Talk to us about how we can migrate your environment to a flexible, secure environment without an on-premise server!

    Utilising Microsoft 365 for hosted email, online document storage and security we will revolutionise your productivity and reduce your ongoing IT costs all while keen your data safe!

  • Office 365 - SharePoint Migrations

    Need to move your workloads to Office 365 we can provide a fully scoped and executed project to migrate all your email and documents to Office 365 including SharePoint and Teams integrations.

  • Hosted Servers

    Still need servers to run your business software, ask us how we can replicate these in a datacentre and move you away from the capital expenditure cycle of buying new servers all whilst utilising the latest secure Microsoft operating systems 


  • Managed IT Services

    In the current environment of heightened security risks traditional IT providers have failed to quickly meet the ever-changing Cyber Security landscape. RevolveIT seeks to provide a fundamental shift in how IT services are provided to clients by offering a cloud first, security first, Managed IT Support Services. 

  • Managed Cyber Security Services

    In the current environment of automated cyber-attacks, rampant ransomware andNotifiable Data Breach and compliance obligations we can provide a platform that monitors and provides cyber security alerts on key aspects of your environment 


  • Data Services.

    We can supply and manage a range of internet services from NBN to fixed bandwidth internet solutions. No more wrangling your ISP and being stuck on the phone for hours. Having your internet connection with your IT provider just makes sense as we manage most of the issues anyway.

  • Cloud Phone Systems

    Having the flexibility to scale out (or in) your phone system without expensive on-premise hardware replacements is the future of telecommunications. In the past if you moved office you had to have a specialist technician move you whole system, now all you do is plug the handset in any internet connection and it just works.  

    Don’t want to buy handsets anymore, our cloud based phone system can utilise a soft-phone or application on your computer to make and receive calls. This is great for mobile workers or people working from home.

  • Video Conferencing\Team Collaboration

    Talk to us about how we can assist you and your organisation to take advantage of secure video conference and collaboration using Microsoft Teams.  

     We all now know the future of work is the ability to be productive wherever you are, that not only includes having access to the tools and documents you need but to be able to communicate effectively with your staff. Leveraging a cloud-based collaboration tool such as Microsoft Teams will empower your staff to stay in touch with video, chat and document storage capabilities.  


  • Cyber Security and IT System Assessment

    As a business owner you need to keep your finger on the pulse of all areas of your business. IT Review services provide you with a formal documented assessment of your environment including recommendations on how you can align your environment with best practice.  Various regulatory organisations often request evidence of annual Security reviews and we can provide this on an annual basis.  

  • VCIO

    Let us be your IT Manager. We can provide a structured approach to not only running your infrastructure but also managing budgets and providing IT strategy to under ping the goals of your business.

  • Digital Transformation

    Utilise us to streamline your technology so your business can be flexible and agile. We can assist you to take advantage of the latest collaboration and communication tools to give you the advantage over the competition.  

  • Hardware and Network Refresh

    Whether it's upgrading your Server, PC, Networking or telecommunications needs, we can supply your business with a full range of a leading brand equipment including full network, server and PC refreshes.  

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